Baxter B Oven Rack – 28 Slide Double Oven Rack

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Product Specifications:

28.625″ Width x 36″ Length x 69.750″ Height
Lift Type B
Slides 28
Spacing 2″
Pan Capacity 2 Per Slide
56 Pans Total

Optional Features:
For increased durability upgrade material to 14-gauge
Double welded slides


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Made to Order

28 Chrome Plated Steel Tray Slides
Standard 16-gauge Stainless steel frame fully welded, high-temperature oven casters and chrome plated steel slides.


Baking and Proofing
Fully welded stainless steel frame
Chrome Plated steel Slides
Standard Opening
Baxter B type lift
56 pan capacity
High-temperature oven casters


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